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Happy Diwali 2017 Greeting Cards, Handmade Greeting Cards Images, Messages, Quotes In Hindi For Friends

Happy Diwali 2017 Greeting Cards:- Wish you all a Very Happy Diwali 2017, now use these Happy Diwali Greeting Cards Images and Diwali 2017 Greetings Quotes for a wishing purpose. Peoples want Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards and Cards Images For Wish their Family Member, relatives and friends. India's one of the biggest festival is diwali another name of this festival is Deepavali. It is an 5 days feast which observed with different names. Hindu culture Indians observe this every year. First day of this festival is Dhanteras, second day people celebrate chhoti diwali, third day people celebrate big diwali(main diwali), next day is gobardhan pooja and last is bhai dooj. The festival always begin with Dhanteras and ends with Bhaiya Dooj. Although diwali is five day festival but is some India state it start before 1 or two days.

In Gujarat diwali is an seven days festival and in Maharashtar it will begin one day earlier means in Maharashtra people celebrate diwali till sis days. During this five day diwali festival Hindu culture people celebrate many kind of festivals Dhanteras/ (Big, small)Diwali/ Gobardhan Pooja/ Bhaiya Dooj. These five festival are play most important roll in the starting and ending of diwali. Ritually/ Mainly god Ganesha ji and Goddess Laxmi ji are worshiped on this day. Which pooja take place in this festival who called Lakshami Ganesh Puja or Laxmi Puja. You all buddies can use Happy Diwali 2017 Greeting Cards and Diwali Greeting Cards Images With Messages for wish your friends. Diwali is the biggest festival of Hindu culture, so use these all Diwali 2017 Greetings Messages to wish your friends and relatives.

Diwali is an India's famous festival first time diwali was celebrated to the welcome of God Rama & Lashman and goddess Seeta mata. who come after fourteen year exile. This log time exile was celebrated as festival. Ayodhya people feel very happy and the earth lamp burning ceremony was organized in every houses for the celebration of god Rama victory over the evil Ravan. This victory show the victory of truth/ lighting over the darkness. Peoples send their best wishes to their friends on any occasion of Indian festival. Now it's time to celebrate Happy Diwali 2017 festival using Happy Diwali Greetings Quotes and Greeting Cards Designs.

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Happy Diwali 2017 Handmade Greeting Cards Images | Messages 

Lord Rama, Seeta & Laxman was living in forest till 14th years, When they return from exile to Ayodhya. Then Ayodhya people burn a lot of earth lamps and bright the whole Ayodhya by using them. Since that on every diwali glob India's part shown as shining earth where each and every part shine with earth lamps/ electric lamps/ candles and sound with a lots of crackers. People enjoy this festival very much with their family, friends neighbors & relatives. As we know that each and every festival of India are incomplete without shopping and cleaning. Hey guys celebrate this day in different way and use Happy Diwali 2017 Handmade Greeting Cards for wish your family member.

Send your best wishes to your all known peoples/persons. Now check here the Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards Images and make these type of cards for your buddies. Here we also collected Diwali Greeting Card Messages for all Whatsapp and Facebook Friends. People clean their houses by white washing, wash each and every dirty things, throw out waste material/ things of houses and do shopping very much like purchasing new clothes, new idol of god Ganesha and goddess Lashami, some another things of worship.

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Happy Diwali 2017 Greeting Cards Quotes In Hindi 

During these five days of Diwali the over all markets full with a lots of new things and a lots of peoples. Diwali is observed as the victory of light/ truth/ whiteness over the falsehood/ darkness. Indias largest festival which celebrate with great enthusiasm because the day of deepawali finish the all darkness of life. On this day almost house/ offices buildings, temples are decorated with electric lighting( larees), flowers, mango leaf paternosters etc. On the day of Dhanteras people buy a utensils its a rule that on Dhanteras people buy some utensils, So the utensil worship on Badi diwali festival.

On second day of diwali people burn five diya's one has posses in worship house, two have possess in the main door, one has plonk in dustbin and another has put down in nearby river. Feel special using the wonderful Happy Diwali Greeting Cards and Happy Diwali 2017 Images of Greetings. For this special festival of Hindu Culture we have some Special Diwali Greetings Quotes In Hindi and English Language. Hope you like this collection and will share with your social buddies.

Happy Diwali Greeting Cards | Handmade Greeting Cards Images | Greeting Messages | Greeting Quotes 

Hello friends, if you some wonderful Diwali Handmade Greeting Card Images, then you send these images to us. If your design images will too good and wonderful. Then we will upload your Handmade Diwali Greeting In this official website of Diwali 2017 festival. Comment your thoughts and celebration ideas here and hope your ideas will help to other peoples for celebrating this festival in wonderful way. 

I Wish you all Guys a Very Happy Diwali 2017. May God Bless you all and fulfill your all wishes on this festival. Celebrate this day with us and enjoy here Diwali Greeting Quotes and Diwali 2017 Greeting Messages. Share this article on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites. 

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